mark gage

director of publishing & digital content,

center for civic education

Megan DeMint embodies professional excellence and conscientious attention to detail. She proved to be a versatile editorial ninja, adept at copyediting, proofreading, and writing compelling copy for print and digital media. Her social media talents deserve special recognition. While at the Center for Civic Education, she engaged thousands of fans with her witty and visually arresting posts. If you have a chance to hire Megan, consider yourself lucky to have found her.

caitland conley

writer & digital strategist

Megan DeMint has been my faithful editor on both professional and personal writing projects for over five years. Her humanistic approach never belittles or questions the writer, and instead inspires them to what is truly possible with their work. Her breadth of experience across many channels—whether newsletter creation, podcast production, or grant writing—showcases true versatility and skill. She is able to write for any audience in a voice that's accessible and genuine, which is just one of the many reasons I enjoy working with her. 

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I am pleased to endorse Megan DeMint for her professionalism and productivity as a writer, editor, and project manager. Megan graduated from Florida State University in April 2016 with a BA in Editing, Writing, and Media and a BA in Communication Studies. A smart, dedicated student, Megan graduated Phi Beta Kappa and Magna Cum Laude. She excelled in my senior-graduate student workshop in editing manuscripts, documents, reports, and articles—in fact, as a senior, she was fully competitive with the graduate students in my class. An adept and efficient editor, a quick study, and a collegial young professional, Megan DeMint is an excellent prospect for writing and editing projects across a wide array of genres.

nicholas grandchamps

foreign service officer

Megan DeMint is a highly skilled editor capable of editing any style of document. I have trusted her to edit some of my most important documents–research, academic papers, personal statements, cover letters, and more–and she has done so in a timely and efficient manner. She does not just edit your documents, she offers comments and suggestions to help you become a better writer in the process. I highly recommend Megan's work!

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amy tyrrell


In mid-2015 I engaged Megan to provide editing services  to complete my first cookbook project. Though I had perceived that the narratives needed only a few tweaks to complete my ambitious project, I soon realized that I was a much better cook than author.

Megan was able to guide me to the realization that the book required much more than a few creative edits. With a gentle hand and a true sense of partnership, Megan guided me through restructuring the flow of the chapters and helped me to define my message. Given her gift for photography, it was only natural that Megan was also able to suggest a cohesive theme and style of the photos appearing in the book. As one aspect of the project led to the next, Megan also was able to guide me through the decision process as to next steps on publishing the text. 

As we moved through the process, Megan's professionalism guided me through my own decision making process as to whether I should self publish or seek publishing through a large firm. Megan even took the initiative to research self-publishing options, costing, and electronic media sales.

Without Megan, the project would never have left the ground.