Editorial Assistant

As an editorial assistant, I worked on a variety of projects—civic education textbooks and curriculum, a daily podcast, a monthly newsletter, grant applications, social media management, and more. Now, I work on a variety of these projects as a freelancer. Keep scrolling for some samples of my work at the Center.

  • Website management

  • Podcasts

  • Grant writing

  • Textbooks & academic curriculum

  • Email newsletters

  • Social media & marketing

Every month, I curate the Center’s email newsletter, writing articles, editing the articles of my colleagues, and assembling the most important stories to share with a network of teachers and followers across the country. See more newsletters here.

I manage the social media accounts for the Center, which include Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Running relevant campaigns, creating original content, and highlighting important resources and events, I use a detailed eye to curate engaging, audience-aware, and platform-specific posts.


I produce a daily civic education podcast called 60-Second Civics, editing all the episodes using Adobe Audition before writing the accompanying Daily Civics Quiz, and managing the podcast’s social media. Below are two samples, but the rest of the episodes can be found on Apple Podcasts.